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When you go for a walk or a bike ride, you should not have to fear irresponsible drivers putting your safety at risk. Distracted drivers at crosswalks run into pedestrians and bicyclists with terrible consequences. Those drivers fail to look in both directions before pulling out, looking only for other vehicles and failing to look for pedestrians and bicyclists. Motorists too often allow an inadequate margin of safety when passing pedestrians and bicyclists, and when struck by a side-view mirror they suffer devastating injuries. If you or a loved one is struck by a car, serious injuries or death could result. We at Barnes & Cohen have spent more than 35 years fighting for the victims of pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

If a driver struck you with his or her car, we can help you. Contact Barnes & Cohen today to receive effective, thorough legal representation that protects your legal rights and helps you move on with your life. We have offices in Jacksonville, Florida, and St. Marys and Brunswick Georgia, to better serve you.

Our Lawyers Can Get You The Help You Need For A Pedestrian Injury

Some of the worst injuries we see in the course of our work are of people who were struck by cars. These include traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, hip injuries and broken bones, all of which can leave you with long-term problems if you do not get the care you need.

As trial attorneys with more than 35 years of experience, our founders, Chuck H. Barnes and Glenn E. Cohen, are personally involved in each and every case. Their experience, legal knowledge and determination have brought many large settlements and jury awards to the victims of pedestrian and bicycle accidents in North Florida and South Georgia.

We will investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident and determine if:

  • The driver who struck you was fit to drive
  • The driver who struck you was distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • The driver was following all traffic laws, especially at crosswalks and stop signs

Parking lot accidents are often the result of drivers backing up without looking, improper design and traffic flow can also be other causes.


It is not enough for a driver to say that he or she did not see you. Even if it was not intentional, it should not have happened, and you deserve compensation to help with your recovery. Speak with a personal injury attorney before talking to the insurance company or accepting any offer. Contact Barnes & Cohen and protect your rights, Hablamos español. With offices in Jacksonville, St. Marys and Brunswick, we are convenient to find. In Florida, call 904-300-1659. In Georgia, call 912-208-2578.