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June 2015 Archives

Medical Mistakes Occur More Often When the Hospital Lacks Experience

You expect to receive the best possible medical care but when a hospital or doctor fails to live up to that standard you are left suffering. Eight babies didn't make it through open heart surgery at St Mary's hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida. Many of the parents are devastated that no one warned them that the hospital was inexperienced in the type of pediatric open heart surgeries they were performing. . Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs, professor of cardiac surgical procedures at John Hopkins University, gave the hospital a scathing evaluation when he visited. Jacobs stated that inexperience was a major issue in the hospital's failure. The small number of pediatric heart surgeries being performed at the hospital made it difficult for the surgical team to acquire and maintain proficiency in these types of challenging procedures. The grieving parents wonder if money is the object of St Mary's decision to continue to operate a Pediatric open heart unit. Pediatric open heart surgeries are lucrative the cost for one surgery is around half a million. Studies show hospitals with fewer surgeries tend to have higher death rates, especially when the surgeries are complex. 

Hot Cars- Death Trap for Children

Hot Cars became a death trap for thirty children last year. Heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash related fatalities for children 14 and younger. Children are at a greater risk of dying from heat stroke than adults. A child's temperature heats up 3 to 5 times faster than adults. The data from Safe Car collected since 1998 reveal that 53% of the children were forgotten by a busy parent or a caregiver. It has happened to good parents who don't usually take their child to daycare and it has happened to daycare workers that did not check the back of the van for sleeping children. 29% the children were playing in an unattended vehicle. 17% were left intentionally, in this case most of the parents or caregivers had the mistaken idea that the car was not that hot they tragically believed that cracking the windows would keep their children safe. As summer approaches we suggest you go to the link below and download a hot car fact sheet to share with parents, caregivers and daycare workers.

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