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December 2015 Archives

Motorcycle Accident Injuries Police Officer on a Christmas Mission

A motorcycle accident seriously injured a Jacksonville police officer Monday morning. Officer Darren Harris was sharing the Christmas spirit of giving by escorting a bus full of children to a Westside Walmart. Officer Harris was attempting to block an intersection for the children's bus at 103rd two vehicles had pulled to a stop. The stopped vehicles obstructed the motorcycle from the view of vehicles in the outside lane. Harris according to the initial police investigation was struck by a vehicle in the outside lane when the driver was unable to see Harris in time to stop. The annual event "Shop with a Cop" puts underprivileged children and their shopping list with an officer together they shop with donated funds at a local Walmart. The officers concern over their fellow police officer didn't stop the event the children were treated to their holiday shopping extravaganza at Walmart. Officer Harris is listed in stable condition.

Jacksonville Dogs Attack a 12-Year Old

Jaylynn Lizzmore, a 12 year-old girl on Jacksonville's Southside was attacked by two dogs as she walked home from her bus stop. Jaylynn fortunately escaped a situation that could have resulted in life threatening injuries. Jaylynn did the right thing during the attack covering her face and head with her arms. Jaylynn managed to get help from her neighbors until the police arrived. Her mother reported the same dogs three weeks earlier after they attacked Jaylynn's sister. The dogs were described as a pit bull and a German Shephard. The dogs bit a police officer and seriously injured a dachshund before they were apprehended by the owners. Our neighborhoods should be free from vicious dogs, our children deserve to walk outside, ride their bikes and play outside without fear of a dog attack. Unfortunately, our neighborhoods are not always safe from vicious dogs. Please take the time to teach your children what to do if they are ever in an animal attack situation. If you need legal answers about a dog bite injury- Learn More.

Tragic Mass Shooting Leaves 14 Victims Dead

The tragic scene in San Bernardino, California has happened too many times in recent history. A mass shooting leaving 14 victims dead and at least 17 injured. The shooting investigation will piece together a shooting that started with a celebration for Department of Public Health Employees. The shooters entered heavily armed wearing military style vests and ski masks. The man Syed Farook believed responsible for this tragedy even attended the event as a county employee. Farook appeared to be angry and departed from the event early only to return with his wife and partner in this tragic violence Tashfeen Malik. The shooting was no doubt well planned according to investigators. Evacuated workers gathered to pray in a circle while the police and FBI worked to secure the area. Although they successfully fled the scene, they were both killed in a gun battle with police several hours later at a different location. Our thoughts are with the families, the injured victims and all those shaken by this tragic event. 

Hit-and-Run Accident Claims the Life of Dr. Christensen

A hit-and-run accident in Zambia has claimed the life of Dr. Richard Christensen, a Jacksonville hero. Dr. Christensen a local psychiatrist served as Director of Behavioral Health Services for the Sulzbacher Center. Dr. Christensen and his wife Kathy were on a mission trip in Southern Africa with a Habitat for Humanity International project when the accident occurred. Dr. Christensen was jogging when he was struck by a vehicle. The driver has not been found. His co-workers at the Sulzbacher Center witnessed Dr. Christensen's compassion and care for the homeless first hand. Known around Jacksonville as Dr. C to many he was considered a unique individual, an individual willing to help the homeless in the streets where they lived. Dr. Christensen established mobile units called "The Hope Team" in Jacksonville designed to reach the homeless. One of the mobile units was located in the downtown area and the other one was located at the beach. Dr. Christensen was also a professor at the University of Florida School of medicine. Dr. Byssing released a statement from the University, "Dr. Christensen's passion of caring for mentally ill persons experiencing homelessness will continue to bear fruit." Dr. C will be greatly missed by our community. We are thankful for the difference he made while he served in our community. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and co-workers. For a look at Dr. C's work with the Sulzbacher Center

Baby Saved from Burning Car in Jacksonville

A Hero saved a baby on I-95 in Jacksonville Friday, November 20th around 1:15 a.m. but unfortunately the driver died in the accident. Daniel Dufek of Lake City was driving north on I-95 just past Baymeadows road when his SUV veered off the road striking trees and flipping over the vehicle caught fire. Sadly, Dufek died in the accident but fortunately a brave hero on the scene pulled one year old Avalyn Dufek from the vehicle before it was engulfed in flames. Avalyn was in a child safety seat. Do you have an Emergency Label on your child's car seat? If you have a small child Label their car seat with Emergency numbers and contact information, child's name, include any allergy information and or health issues that your child may have. Make sure if you are ever incapacitated that Emergency workers can reach the people you want by your child's side. 

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