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Accident safety tip- Have you ever hit a dog with your car? What should you do if you find yourself in that unfortunate situation? Stop your car and pull over to a safe place. Use your emergency flashers to warn other vehicles. Call 911 and report the incident. If the dog is in the roadway use cones or emergency flashers if you have them to warn motorist. If you decide to approach the dog to check on their injuries do so with extreme caution. Injured animals may lash out biting or scratching. Failure to stop and report the incident places you at risk for charges of cruelty to animals. If you stop and make a reasonable effort to help the animal, keeping your own safety in mind, the legal responsibility will fall on the owner for allowing their animal to roam unrestrained. The dog owner may be responsible for your vehicle repairs depending on the circumstances of the accident and of course this is dependent upon if the owner is located or comes forward. While hitting a domestic animal is a heart-breaking experience knowing what to do may help keep you calm, and level headed in a stressful situation. Share this safety tip with young drivers in your life. Young people may be upset and drive off or they may approach a wounded animal and become injured in the process. Consider purchasing emergency road warning signals. They can be purchased for $20 or less flashers triangles, LED sticks and other varieties are available online or at your local auto parts stores. 

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